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The qualities that make the exterior of a building attractive to a buyer when viewed from the street are referred to as curb appeal. It is the first attraction to a prospective buyer. While the perception of a property’s aesthetic may be subjective, an excellent curb appeal is usually pleasing to all who see it. There is also more to curb appeal – it is an ingenious marketing tool!.

One of the most important factors in evaluating a property’s value is its curb appeal and quite a number of home buyers are influenced by the external beauty of a property. Their decisions to take further steps to go in for house inspections are sometimes dependent on how elegant, distinguished and magnificent the structures look.

A spectacular curb appeal is pleasing to behold not only to the potential buyer, but also the owner and occupants. The exterior of a building has the ability to attract high-paying tenants for the owner, place facility in a class of its own and strengthen a company’s brand image (for commercial and office structures).

Most buyers fall in love with a house the moment they set eyes on it and the excitement and conviction is enforced while they walk through. Here are some useful tips that can help you improve your facility’s curb appeal:

Tips to Improve Curb Appeal

  1. Trim the shrubs: Overgrown shrubs and bushes can make your windows obscure so trim them regularly and give prospective buyers a full view of your house.
  2. Clean the windows: Generally, clean houses sell fast so now is a good time to emphasise the importance of clean windows. A crystal-clear window allows the light in and can put everyone in a better mood.
  3. Clean the roof: A thorough clean has the ability to make your roof look new. You may however need to replace an aging roof despite it being a more costly alternative.
  4. Light up the outside: Exterior light features add colour especially at night. A well-lit building is a beauty to behold!
  5. Clean the gutter: Unclog the gutter by getting rid of piled up debris. A filthy gutter is an eyesore and a great turn-off.
  6. Paint your house: Do not wait for the old painting to wear-out before you do another paint job. A new paint job beautifies your house and makes it look, well…NEW!
  7. Highlight architectural details: Accentuate those hidden architectural details that are covered up by overgrown grasses / bushes.
  8. Maintain your lawn: Mow your lawn regularly, not occasionally! Keep it well and even trimmed.
  9. Fix the fence: Enhance your curb appeal with a ‘gorgeous’ fence. This can be done in different ways depending on your budget, taste, or preferred style (low, picket, wrought iron etc.). Go for what suits you and your purpose.
  10. House number: Put up a conspicuous signage with your house number using a sleek and modern typeface. It not only adds beauty to your house, but also makes it easy to locate.

Property owners sometimes tend to focus attention on the interior beauty of their buildings; facility managers also, occasionally get caught-up in the day-to-day activities of maintaining the interior of facilities. Research however shows that a significant factor in valuing a property is its curb appeal. Therefore, irrespective of its use, ensure the curb appeal of that building is appealing enough to attract positive attention.

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