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Hurray! 2017 is almost out. But, wait a minute. How is your apartment search going? As you plan to nail just the right place early in the new year, now is the time to take stock of what you need to know before you make that payment.

Determine your budget
Start by estimating how much you can commit to getting an apartment. You desire a nice, cozy apartment close to your office? That’s fine. The key question is: How much do you really have? Bear in mind that there are other expenses involved in renting an apartment, such as power, maintenance, cleaning, etc. These all should conveniently fit into your budget.

Consider an affordable location
Based on your budget and personal preference, where would you like to live? Determine this early as it would help in narrowing your search. Would it be Magodo or Ikeja? Your office is in Ikoyi, but perhaps an apartment in Victoria Island would be more affordable.

Start your search
Begin looking around for houses which are in line with your taste and preference, and fall within your budget. Check property websites. James Cubitt Facility Managers can also connect you to the right property in key locations.

Gather your down payment
Be sure to get some cash available for when you do get the right place. There is a huge demand for accommodation in Lagos, and you won’t want to lose that ideal place you’ve long searched for to someone with ready cash.

Go for inspection
Heard there might be a house available? Go check it out. The excitement of finding that right space could make you overlook small but important details. If possible, go along with someone. Look at the rooms. How about the plumbing? Confirm that electrical fittings are properly done. Ensure it is really ‘the place’ for you.

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