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Facility Management issues?

Our Facility Management Services

                                                                                                    We offer an array of top facility management services.


Facility Management

We have several facility management services that are suitably designed and uniquely executed to meet your
needs, putting …

James Cubitt Facility Managers

Property Refurbishment

This facility management service is a product of James Cubitt Facility Managers, designed to specifically restore and /or complete...

James Cubitt Facility Managers

Sale & Lease

James Cubitt Facility Managers provides a comprehensive system that influences the complete workflow with the transparency of detailed...

James Cubitt Facility Managers


James Cubitt Facility Managers provides advisory services tailored to assist corporate clients and private individuals in preserving the sustainable value...

James Cubitt Facility Managers

The Concierge Services

Our Concierge services cover a wide range of activities from planning to arranging and organizing. We provide personal assistance services taking up tiresome...

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Why JCFM is the perfect choice


Value Proposition

To collaborate with our clients – owners and occupiers - to ensure that our portfolio of properties is the best rated in terms of maintenance costs and ensure that the property will always be an attractive lease with a high renewal rate.


Core Values

• Transparency
• People
• Exceptional Service Delivery
• Value-for-Money


Quality of Personel

Our experience in total Facility Management services is strengthened by our integrated team of professionals in the James Cubitt Group, closing the gaps that exist in the different stages of a building’s lifecycle. This has set us apart and made us the preferred choice for facility management

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