2021 Annual Event: Highlights from Our Fun-filled Christmas Party

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2021 annual event

As is our usual practice, we gather together to celebrate at the end of every year, and the year 2021 was no different. We had our end-of-the-year party at Rufus and Bees. The annual event was a casual themed party, unlike the previous one we held last year at Ilashe private beach. To make this semi-formal event one of a kind, we partnered with an event management specialist, Alexander Nelson Consulting. They were responsible for creating our event concept, selecting our venue, budgeting and handling other logistics while planning the event.

We didn’t just want a unique and enjoyable annual event, but we also wanted an avenue to appreciate and celebrate our employees for their contribution and dedication to the organization. To do that, we needed an expert hand to ensure a wonderful experience for all attendees.

And guess what? It paid off. It was indeed a merry time at the party. Here are the highlights of our fun-filled Christmas party.

Bowling Competition

2021 Annual Event -Bowling Competition

The Bowling competition was one of the activities the annual event featured. We had three teams bowl against each other for a grand prize. It was so much fun that it elicited much cheer among us. We also learnt about the different rules of bowling during the competition.

Arcade Competition

2021 annual event - arcade competition

The arcade competition was the best part of the annual event for game lovers present. Each team had a representative who took to these arcade game machines to showcase their skills, competing to win the grand prize while cheerers benefit from their excitement. Again, it was another avenue to learn about the games.

Karaoke Competition

2021 annual event -karaoke competition

During the singing competition at the annual event, facility managers displayed their singing talent and passion for music. Choosing a preferred song from a vast playlist, the representatives from the different teams owned the stage and entertained us with their beautiful presentations.

Dancing Competition

2021 annual event - dancing competition

People with a passion for dance were not left out in having a great time at the annual event. From the oldies to the contemporary dance, the competitors display their dancing talent, stepping well to the beat.

Award presentation

2021 annual event- award presentation

Awards of different categories were presented to outstanding employees to celebrate them.


Our annual event is one way we show our appreciation and gratitude to our employees. With this event, we recognize our team’s efforts and contributions to the success of our company.

However, satisfying our clients with our services is still a top priority for us. Do you want to know more about our services? Contact us.


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