How to Completely Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

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Making your home environmentally friendly is much more than having a clean environment. It is beyond trashing your waste and keeping a tidy surrounding, but more about sustainable living at all times and in every way. Making your home environmentally friendly is about making significant changes in your home and lifestyle to protect the environment.

These significant modifications may be little changes to your property and in your daily life. Or rather, they may be as big as installing an alternative power source – Solar panels. Whichever the case, whether minute changes or massive changes, it must be efficient to transform your home into an eco-friendly abode.

For massive changes such as solar panel installation, you would need to consult a facility manager or a facility management company to expose the intricacies of getting one installed. There are top facilities management companies in Nigeria with adequate expertise. They can offer you the necessary professional advice to get it done.

For minute changes, you can also request a facility management service that covers these modifications if you think you can’t handle them on your own. Are you curious about the small changes that would make your home and lifestyle eco-friendly? Here’s a list to browse through to see what you need to do.

Ways to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

1. Replace the Regular Light Bulbs with LED light bulbs 

Right here is a great place to start making your home eco-friendly. An environmentally friendly home uses less electricity, and LED light bulbs can help you achieve this. They are energy-efficient light bulbs that are durable and shine just as bright to illuminate your surroundings.

2. Brighten your home with water-based paints

Do you want to refresh the décor of your home with a new coat of paint? Use water-based paints instead of oil-based paints.

Water-based paints are eco-friendly because they contain natural pigments, unlike oil-based paints that contain toxic elements.

3. Bring Indoor Plants as a Part of your Decorations

After painting your walls, it would be nice to follow up with a new decoration plan- one that includes house plants. From the entrance to walls, living areas, even the kitchen, a house plant or more can help improve your indoor air quality, brighten up your space and make it welcoming.

But first, you need to assess the spaces where you would want these plants to be. Does sunshine come into the place often, or is it always shady? This observation will guide you to get the most suitable potted plants for these spaces. Again, you can consult a facility manager or hire one to spruce up your living space with the best indoor plants.

  1. Reduce Your Use of Paper Towels.

Reducing your use of paper towels ought to be done if you want an environmentally friendly home. You may be wondering why?

For every tree fallen to make more paper towels, deforestation increases, along with health challenges. Hence, the concept of eco-friendliness emphasizes reusable materials. In this case, rags are the best alternatives to paper towels. They properly wipe surfaces just as paper towels, but the best part is that you can wash them and reuse them.

  1. Opt for Eco-Cleaning Products

Still, on cleaning, it is crucial to avoid cleaning products that have various chemicals and ingredients in them that can cause harm to the environment.

Whether liquid washes, shampoos or other cleaning products, you should opt for those that have no synthetic ingredients in them. These are environmentally friendly products that are non-toxic and clean just well.

Another great alternative would be to use homemade natural cleaning products such as lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda even soap bars. They consist of biodegradable ingredients.

  1. Purchase Biodegradable Products

Biodegradable products are better replacements for petroleum-based products to ensure zero waste. They are products made from organic materials and can naturally decompose.

Thankfully, there are several items with biodegradable options in the market, ranging from kitchen supplies to tableware, bags and various other materials.

  1. Use Recyclable Items to Decrease Waste

Again, investing in useable materials is one great way to minimize waste. Start with making sure you have a recycle bin and a compost bin in your home. They both serve different purposes. While the former is to keep pieces that need recycling, the latter is to trash food leftovers that would invariably become necessary fertilizers for your garden.

You become environmentally friendly if you use food containers instead of plastic packs, reusable fabric wrap for your gifts instead of the regular wrapping paper.

  1. Avoid Throwing Away Clothes

You might be wondering what have these got to do with anything. It has a lot to do with being environmentally friendly. When you donate those unused clothes instead of throwing them away, you are not only doing a good deed, but you are protecting the environment.

Research has it that it takes a long time for clothes to decompose and certain fabrics more time up to 200 years. Donating those clothes or giving them out would create another opportunity for someone else to use them, given their durability.

  1. Use appliances that produce less time

Appliances that emit less heat help reduce pollution. Invest in kitchen equipment that can help you cook fast but with less heat.

  1. Service Your Gadgets Regularly

Another way to ensure your home is environmentally friendly is to service your gadgets regularly. When serviced, they function well and serve their purpose with little or no emissions that can constitute a danger to the health.

  1. Don’t leave Electronic Devices Plugged

One feature of an environmentally friendly home is energy conservation. It is advisable to switch off and unplug every electronic device in your home before leaving to save electricity.


It’s time to move beyond the basics of waste disposal and general cleaning and move unto conscious reduction of pollutants in your home and environment. Make your home and environment healthier and eco-friendly.

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