Outsourcing Facility Management Services: Everything Helpful You Should Know

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Facility management services are crucial to the primary objectives of your organization. They are essential services necessary for your business continuity.

Businesses need facility management to ensure a conducive and efficient work environment. And a conducive and efficient work environment means increased effectiveness and business growth. The productivity of your business largely depends on how well you can create such an environment.

But first, you need to understand what facility management services are.

What are Facility Management Services?

Facility management services are support services that a facility management team provides to assist your business in running a smooth operation.

Depending on the business operations associated with your organization, you may require Soft Facility Management services or Hard Facility Management services or even both to ensure that you have an accommodating work environment that promotes business productivity.

Whether you require both or one of them, these facility management services can be for either of the following purposes:

  • Preventative Maintenance purposes
  • Upgrade purposes.
  • Preventative Maintenance purposes.

Facility management services for preventative maintenance purposes are just as the name suggests – for prevention and maintenance. They are to ensure that your facility (that is, your place of business) and its assets (the pieces of equipment) are preserved and that they retain their functional capability.

These services are upkeep methods to make certain that there would be no disruption to your business operations.

Facility management services for this purpose also include fixing faulty equipment and renovating your facility to work just as they were designed. Waste management services and ground care services form a part of this list also.

With these services, your equipment and facility are preserved from failure and deterioration. So the overall functionality of your facility is assured.

  • Upgrade purposes

Facility management services for upgrade purposes are to improve or raise the functionality of your facility to a higher level.

Facility management services of this sort are most often for convenience sake. Typical examples are installations of trendier amenities to provide comfort and landscaping for aesthetics and health benefits.

Having these purposes in mind, you can now determine the FM services you require to create an efficient work environment. Is soft FM services or hard FM services?

Now that you have identified those needs, you would need a facility management team to handle them. That is where the process of outsourcing facility management services begins.

What does Outsourcing Facility Management Services Entail?

For whatever facility management services, you would need a facility management team to make them happen. Looking at the cost involved in providing qualified personnel in-house, it is no wonder organizations prefer to outsource. You must have reached the same conclusion as well.

Outsourcing facility management services is a cost-effective way of ensuring that your facility needs are taken care of. Here, a third party handles your facility management issues. The third party is a facility management company with the expertise you need.

A facility management company is an organization focused on providing facilities management solutions wherever they are needed.

When you outsource, you depend on the facility management company to provide any of the facility management services mentioned earlier. If that is the case, you would have to make certain that your partnership is with a facility management company with a reliable service structure and skilled personnel.

James Cubitt Facility Managers(JCFM) is a sterling facility management company- a number in that category. Offering bespoke facility management solutions that support your business operations, JCFM ensures that your aim for business productivity is actualized.

How Outsourced Facility Management Services benefits you?

Usually, cost savings seems like the only benefit, but there is more. First on the list is that it saves you time and helps you focus on the core aspects of your business. Other benefits include:


A Facility management company has trained professionals and experienced workers, access to resources and facility management best practices required for satisfactory service.

Increase efficiency

Because you now have more time to focus on your core business instead of worrying about facility management issues, your productivity level increases, and your business growth accelerates.

Better Facility management service delivery

A Facility management company have a more structured approach to service delivery. Some facility management companies even have bespoke facility management packages to choose from that suit your facility needs.

James Cubitt Facility Managers (JCFM) offers such facility management packages – FULL SERVE, MULTISERVE, Oncall Services.

What should prompt your decision to Outsource Facility Management services?

In conclusion, aside from cost-saving, of course, one other reason to outsource is that facility management issues can be complicated, and then it would be best if someone else worries about it, not you.

Why? You would need your concentration primarily on your business to improve productivity. The other compelling reasons sum up the necessity of having a support system to achieve your business goals.

Which facility management service is most crucial to your business? Let’s help you with it!

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