Best Facility Management Practices To Look For in a Facility Management Company

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facility management

Facility management (FM) is a support system that every property owner needs. This is the summary of any definition you can find on facility management. It allows property owners to focus on their core activities rather than worry about the state of their facility.

Property owners desire a welcoming and beautiful environment. But, most often than not, this picture is elusive because they don’t have the time or expertise to achieve it. However, with facility management, that desire is met. So whether the property belongs to a company or an individual, FM is essential to achieve a comfortable, functional and safe built environment.

For better understanding, there are two broad areas of operation when it comes to facility management:

  • Soft FM
  • Hard FM

Soft FM

These are facility management services that help to create a pleasing and conducive environment for people (tenants or employees).

Cleaning, reception, security, administrative services are all examples of soft fm.

Hard FM

These are facility management services that involve maintaining the physical structures in a facility, the building inclusive. It may include mechanical and engineering services, landscaping, procurement, plumbing, air-conditioning etc.

Over time, the scope of FM has broadened to include various other aspects, not just property management. In residential buildings, facility managers provide services like – building maintenance, waste management, concierge services, valet services and housekeeping services. These services are to help improve the quality of  living.

While in a work environment, facility managers provide services like – energy management, administrative services, move/churn management, catering/vending, delivery &collection, service& helpdesk. These services are meant to support and increase business productivity.

Facility management is a significant service that goes far beyond just “managing and maintaining buildings”. It is a support service that helps businesses and property owners fulfill a wide range of responsibilities.

The need to meet the expectation of standards and comfort, and reduce the ever-growing lifecycle cost of property has made facility management all the more crucial today. To enjoy these services, there are two basic approaches:

 In-house facility management

In this approach, you have an FM team that is directly employed by you, providing these services. They are part of the staff in your organization or residential staff.

Outsourced facility management

Just as the name implies, these services are from a facility service provider.

FM companies such as James Cubitt Facility Managers (JCFM) are examples of facility service providers that help with different concerns you may have. But before you outsource, you must check to see if they adopt these practices.

Facility Management Best Practices

Bespoke solutions

A facility service provider should provide you with bespoke solutions tailored to your facility needs rather than adopt a one-size-fits-to-all approach in resolving facility issues.

Proper Budgeting

Proper budgeting is a yardstick to measure if your facility service provider is astute in delivering quality services at a minimal cost.

A proper budget shows they can recognize cost-saving opportunities decreasing overall cost while protecting your fiscal health.

Communication and Collaboration

An ideal facility service provider should effectively communicate and collaborate on all levels to ensure a quality service delivery. You should also seek to understand the processes your facility service provider employs.

In summary, facility management ensures that people (tenants or staff) in a facility are safe and comfortable, the spaces in the facility are conducive, and the infrastructures are in good condition.

What services do you need to improve your living experience or your bottom line as an organization?

Enjoy Best Facility Management Practices from JCFM

James Cubitt Facility Managers is a facility management company you can trust to incorporate the best practices to resolve your property issues.

This is exemplified by our extensive positioning of unique management styles apt for every facility, giving value to owners and users alike. Through our deployment of excellent & quality service, speed and cost efficiency techniques, we deliver long-term benefits.

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Facility Management

  • 2 years ago
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Facility Management

Facility Management

We have a number of bespoke products that are suitably designed and uniquely executed to meet your needs, putting into consideration the various complexities of each property – ranging from architectural design to environment or terrain.

Our high standard of craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures we deliver outstanding results. The solutions we proffer are tailor-made for each facility yet brand definitive for respective clients (corporate or individual). This is exemplified by our extensive positioning of unique management styles apt for every facility, giving value to owners and users alike. Through our deployment of excellent & quality service, speed and cost efficiency techniques, we deliver long-term benefits.

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