JCFM Workshop: Our Facility Managers Helping You Navigate the Challenges with Your Electrical System

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James Cubitt Facility Managers

As a residential or commercial property owner, you are aware that electricity is critical to the efficient operation of your home or office. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the consistency of the electricity supply in your facility. For this reason, James Cubitt Facility Managers(JCFM) saw the need to train its staff through a workshop on electrical handling. It was a seminar meant to provide the adequate knowledge required to offer better services to clients providing power whenever needed.

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The workshop called Facilities Electrical Handling and Appreciation Course was an eye-opener for the staff because there was a detailed explanation about electrical systems in general and the benefits of proactive maintenance. The training program touches on the different voltage level classifications, energy apportionment and energy auditing in facilities. It was an expository session that demystifies electrical systems and practices in their entirety to the facility managers present.

With this training, James Cubitt Facility Managers wishes to help their clients navigate the challenges with electrical systems in their facility.

JCFM Workshop: Facility Managers Understanding the Electrical System in Facilities

The workshop course started with an understanding of the fundamentals of electrical systems. That is the distribution of electricity throughout a facility. Then it advanced to the aspects of electrical equipment and installations, energy management, emergency power systems, also the safety and operational procedure required to keep this vital system in safe working order.

workshop facility managers

Our Facility managers learnt how important it is to be aware of the lifespan and status of electrical equipment in a building. Likewise, the solutions available to ensure a well-functioning system for the consistent power supply, so they can offer plausible recommendations to clients who have challenges with their electrical system.

The detailed training also enlightened our facility managers about the need for load shedding, planned maintenance and the development of contingency plans, for instance, procedures that should be in place for power generation in the event of a power outage.

As a leading facility management company in Nigeria, we pride ourselves on offering professional excellence in service delivery. Our desire is for facilities under our care to become the best place to live, work and visit.

It has been our highest motivation for attending this workshop.

For us at JCFM, our clients are our priority. We wish to help you recognize and rectify electrical and lighting system deficiencies before they become emergencies.

These deficiencies may be preventable issues or sometimes unavoidable issues like power outages. Here are a number of them:

Deficiencies in Electrical and Lighting System You May Encounter

  • Power Failure

Power failure is an inevitable occurrence property owners and facility managers alike have no control over, and it may happen for several reasons. Power failure is a short or long term loss of power in an area. At this time, your facility needs an alternative source.

One example of an alternative source is an automatic or standby generator connected permanently to your facility’s electrical system. With this alternate power source, your facility would keep on running as it ought to.

Leveraging the knowledge gained in our workshop, we provide you with a maintenance checklist for your back power to enhance its functionality and prolong its lifespan.

  • Damaged equipment

Another common issue you may encounter with the electricity and lighting system in your facility is damaged equipment. In this case, there may be faulty electrical equipment that needs attention. We would help you isolate the damaged equipment from your electrical system to ensure safety. We would also take care of repairs where required and offer you suitable recommendations where necessary.

  • Unbalanced loading

Unbalanced loading is an issue that degenerates to an emergency if not taken care of promptly. It occurs when there is more power drawn to one side of the panel than the other.

If there is such a challenge in your facility, this is the time we apply our knowledge of load shedding to redistribute evenly the power supply coming into your facility. Through regular inspection, facility managers can quickly detect whether there is such an imbalance in the electric load of your facility.

  • Inadequate power and voltage

Are you experiencing power surges, spikes and voltage fluctuations? Do your lights flicker, and your shining bulbs blow prematurely? These are the resultant effects of inadequate power and voltage.

To solve these issues, we investigate deeply to find out the actual cause and fix up the problem.


James Cubitt Facility Managers is a leading facility management company in Nigeria with adequate experience in total facility management services. Our quality of personnel –facility managers, is one of the secrets to our exceptional service delivery.

Since inception, our clients are always a priority, and their comfort is of paramount importance.

Whether you own a residential or commercial facility, we are well-positioned to offer you professional facility management services to resolve any facility issues you may encounter.

So, let us work together to start planned maintenance for the electrical system in your facility. You can also contact us if you need emergency electrical services. But it is best not to wait until then.

For more information, reach out to us!

Phone number: +234 904 000 6627, +234 904 000 6628

Email: info@jamescubittfm.com



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