2021 Banana Island Festival of Cultures: JCFM Promotes Its On-Call Facility Management Services

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James Cubitt Facility Managers

The Banana Island Festival of Cultures, held on Saturday, October 2nd 2021, was a colourful event with an opportunity for brands to display and create awareness for their products and services. It was a packed event with over 500 residents and guests in attendance.

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The Banana Island Festival of Cultures featured carnival parades, tribal food tasting, games, exhibitions, market squares, different forms of entertainment. It was a gathering for celebrating culture, community and diversity. A memorable moment of cross-cultural understanding and appreciation because the African heritage and culture were on full display.

As one of the registered vendors at the festival, James Cubitt Facility Managers (JCFM) engaged participants in enlightening conversations about its On-call services and the value offered with this facility management package.

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JCFM On-call Services Advertised in Banana Island Festival of Cultures

JCFM On-call is a bespoke service of the James Cubitt Facility Managers. It is a bouquet facility management package created to provide satisfactory facility management services to premium residences. Crafted primarily to deliver a total package that caters to every facility management needs, this facility management package also relieves private homeowners of the stress of managing different unprofessional vendors.

With the JCFM On-call services, James Cubitt Facility Managers seeks to close the identified gap of unprofessional facility management services provided to premium residences.

Do you need professional building and asset maintenance services without disruption to your family time?

JCFM On-call service is the branded solution for your convenience and at your convenience.

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Different On-Call Service Requests You May Have 

Through our JCFM On-call service, we assist you with the following facility management issues:

  1. Frequent unintentional flooding

Is your property located in a region with a high risk of flooding? We’ll help you carry out necessary preparations and flood-proof renovations to protect your property from flood damage.

  1. Dirty water from the main supply in your home.

There are several possible causes why dirty water may be coming out of your faucets, all of which you may not be able to discern yourself. But with our help, you would be able to enjoy clean and healthy water in no time and at all times.

  1. Drainage issues

Clogged drains are the most common drainage issues property owners face. A slow-moving drain or a blocked one does no one any good. With a just call, you can have your drains unclogged and free for use. Leaking pipes and Soaking slabs are other drainage issues that are very discomforting.

These issues usually require quick action unless they may cause significant damage to your property. Through our on-call services, we provide suitable and cost-effective solutions to these drainage problems.

  1. Mechanical system issues

If you need a mechanical system installed on your property, we will help you with the installation. We will also help you fix and limit potential issues with the different mechanical systems installed in your home.

To ensure your installed mechanical system meets the service requirement for your property, we may conduct periodic inspections, test and replace a part when necessary. When you make this on-call service request, we guarantee you a reliable service that ultimately creates that comfortable environment you desire.

  1. Electrical issues

Through our on-call service, we help you resolve electrical problems in your home. Either it relates to the circuit breaking and tripping frequently, recurring electrical surges, sags and dips in power, electrical shock or Light Bulbs burning out.

  1. HVAC Controls and Installations

Are you in the market for a new HVAC system?

We offer HVAC services as part of our On-call services. We will not only install a suitable system for you, but we would help you understand the system and its controls. We can also assist with the repairs of an existing HVAC system.

With this on-call request, you can rest assured of the outstanding improvement in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of your home.

  1. Pest Control

We offer pest control services, whether inspections or extermination. We work with you to examine the level and type of pest infestation, then eradicate them using eco-friendly approaches, methods and treatments.

  1. Remodelling

Do you want to alter the structure and style of your property? We offer remodelling as a part of the JCFM on-call service. We would help you reconstruct and redesign to suit your current preference.


JCFM Oncall service is a facility management package that improves convenience for private homeowners. Hence, our promise and our priorities are the same -Health and Safety.

We protect your health, address your facility management concern and ensure your home functions as designed: a place to rest and rejuvenate. To request any of these services, contact us.

Phone number: +234 904 000 6627, +234 904 000 6628

Email: info@jamescubittfm.com



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