5 Changes That Increase Your Property Value

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Our home requires attention, just as our body does. It can become income-generating asset that will earn you more or less depending on its value. And the value is most often determined by its appearance and overall functionality.

Improving your property condition is our forte at James Cubitt Facility Managers. Whether it is a full-scale renovation or just a little upgrade, we ensure your home keeps its structural integrity and regains its appeal.

To increase your property value, you don’t need to break a bank or pull down the entire structure. There are minor changes that’ll make a big difference. Even if you are not planning to sell your property soon, these changes are necessary for a better living experience.

James Cubitt Facility Managers

Landscaping is more than just planting some flowers and plants around your home. It is the creative use of small surrounding spaces to enhance your home appeal. When professionally done, your property gains a quality finish and an elegant view.

Changing the areas surrounding your property is one great way to increase its value, which implies that your home becomes a viable asset when placed on the market for sale.

Aside from enhancing the resale potential of your home, there are several other benefits you can get from landscaping. The green scenery makes for a healthier environment. It creates a private setting for entertaining and relaxing and makes your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Landscape designs help you create a striking first impression to visitors and buyers alike.

James Cubitt Facility Managers

Kitchen and Bathroom Update

If you have old, outdated facilities in your kitchen and bathroom, exchanging them for the trendier ones is just that little change you need to transform your property.

Such updates could be as small as refreshing your cabinets or changing your flooring, or it could be as big as installing the latest equipment. Interestingly, you don’t have to go over your budget.

Updating your kitchen and bathroom would help improve and upgrade your home functionality. Even the interior of your home becomes more organized and beautiful.

Use of extra property space

Using the extra space in your home is another way to increase your property value. With these spaces, you can create an additional room, a lush garden, or an indoor pool with a gorgeous deck.

Depending on where these extra spaces are, an additional feature would increase the original value of your home.


Painting your home does more than enlivening it. It protects your home from moisture and the daily wear and tears it endures.

Your colour selection can also make or mar the resale potential of your property.

Continuous maintenance.

Your home’s value drops when you neglect repairs and update. Continual maintenance will ensure that your property is always pleasing to the eye, and its market value is ever increasing.

Engaging a facility manager is the best way to see that your property receives professional and continuous maintenance.

In James Cubitt Facility Managers, you will find a supportive companion that helps you achieve your property goals.

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