Property Management: Why You Need It and How to Choose the Right Company for it

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Property management

Usually, when you hear the terms Property management and Facility management, a question comes to mind, What’s the difference?

This is what you seek to know.

Facility management ensures a safe and welcoming environment for the people occupying your property, while property management ensures your property retains its value and generates income. When you hire a property manager, he takes care of your building in your stead. But a facility manager is hired to provide support services that would create a comfortable and enabling environment.

A property manager is concerned with the physical building itself, but the facility manager role is with the people using the spaces in the building. A property manager ultimately answers to the building owner.

Why You Need Property Management?

Managing your property all alone can be overwhelming because it is time-consuming. So, it is not uncommon to want to relieve yourself from the daily tasks required to keep your property occupied while generating revenue. Here is where property management comes in.

When a property management company takes over these tasks, it oversees your properties on your behalf. Every duty from showing potential tenants available spaces in the property to screening rental applicants, collecting rent, and ensuring your property is marketed and advertised if vacant- The property managers see to it.

In a nutshell, a property manager has the responsibility to ensure seamless cash flow and income generation.

What a Property Manager Does for You

 It is important to note that a property manager can be a person or a company that provides property management services.

There are several functions a property manager performs:

1. Intermediate between The Property owner and The Tenants

A property manager acts as an intermediate between you – the property owner and the tenants leasing your property.

The property manager supervises on your behalf, communicates your desires and carry out your intentions as regards your property. When issues arise, the property manager is the first point of contact for your tenants.

2. Managing Tenant Leases

The property manager takes care of all the processes involved in the tenant lease. From the point of inspection to the signed deal, the property manager fulfils the duties of a building owner – standing in for you.

3. Handles Rent Payment

A property manager is responsible for rent collection and ensures that rent payments are made on time.

4. Financial management goals

Your property manager is a partner that helps you move toward your financial goals. Through apt decisions on budget allocation and prompt leasing of available spaces, your financial goal is achieved.

5. Oversees the Property

A property manager oversees your property on your behalf and fulfils the necessary daily tasks in your stead.

Choosing a Property Management Company: How to go about it

Each company has a unique way of dealing with tenants and properties. It is essential to find out if their processes work well for you. To start with, you can create a list of questions that covers all your concerns.

From rent management to fees applicable and the tenant selection process, these are essential information that will help you decide. Are you thinking about where to begin?

Start with Us

At JCFM, our approach simplifies the process of lease management. Leveraging our Proplet services, we lease your property to suitable tenants.

With us as your property manager, you get maximum property exposure, efficient letting of your property, minimal non-occupancy rate, and long-term savings on building maintenance costs. Whether your property is residential or commercial, our extensive network of real estate agents makes sure your property generates income for you.

Is it your desire to keep your property filled and earning revenue? Contact us.


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