Renovation vs Remodeling: 3 Convincing Ways To Determine Which Your Property Needs

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Renovation and remodeling are home improvement options necessary to restore your property to its full functioning capacity. To determine the best course for your home, you need to first understand the difference between the two.

Understanding Renovation And Remodeling

Renovation is updating your property to better its aesthetics and ensure it is well-equipped to fulfil your need for a more comfortable living or a potential resale. But remodeling is a home improvement option to transform the structure of your property.

So if you are looking to enhance the beauty of your home by restoring a room or two, installing some latest facilities  or even repaint the whole building to enhance the look and feel of it, that is renovation.

But If you would rather change the layout to ensure effective use of space in your home, then remodeling is the best option to help you achieve that.

Changing the floor plan of your home, raising your ceilings to give an illusion of a larger space or combining two rooms to become one forms part of a remodeling list.

Understanding what is obtainable in both improvement options would help you decide which is suitable to address your property needs. However, there are three ways to know whether your property needs renovation or remodeling

How To Determine Which Your Property Needs

The physical state of your  Property

The physical state of your property is usually the most common way to tell if your property needs some changes. If your property is outdated and doesn’t reflect the modern style and feature latest convenience, this is the sign you need to renovate.

But if it looks good inside-out, but the challenge is with the little or too much space you may have, it is time to think about remodeling.

The Future use of your Property

What you wish  to do with your property in the nearest future can also determine what restoration work your property needs.

Do you plan to sell off your property to make an income? An additional room or a cozy garden in the extra space in your home might just be the edge you need to make a good sale. Even a fresh coat of paint on the wall can make a lot of difference.

Your Home Functionality

The need to improve the functionality of your home is a sure way to determine whether your property needs renovation or remodeling.

If changing the structure of your layout/floor plan would help improve functionality. Then what you need is  remodeling. But if the functionality of your home would be enhanced with just the update to your home appliances. That is a renovation project.

As a brand focused on offering bespoke facility management solutions, James Cubitt Facility Managers provides comprehensive restoration works to ensure that your property meets your expectations after the revamp process.

James Cubitt Facility Managers

We leverage our long-term real estate industry experience and relationships to guarantee you a refurbishment and transformation at a minimal cost. We have a team of integrated professionals to actualize your specifications.

These restoration projects are very dicey and only professionals are allowed to handle the task. It is non-negotiable because trying to do it yourself will only aggravate the situation, doing more harm than good.

Though some may argue that you can do your renovations yourself, it is in your best interest if an expert does it. We know the little changes that would make a big difference in your property.

Again, engaging the James Cubitt Facility Managers would keep you from the hassle of dealing with several consultants when renovating or remodeling. We are a one-stop shop for your facility management needs.

In the real market, the value of a property is everything. It determines the price at which it sells and the extent to which it becomes a viable asset.

With our knowledge of trends and current real estate market value, we guide you to make an informed decision that aligns with your ultimate goal; a better living experience or a resale potential.

Afterwards, we would be in charge of the regular inspection and constant maintenance ensuring your property remains an attractive lease with high investment returns while on display in the real estate market.

To corporate organizations, the invaluable service of facility managers can’t be underrated. Having your company signed up for facility management services is a way to maintain your brand image.

Facility management guarantees that the building structure of an organization mirrors its prestige and value. For dilapidated structures because of unintentional neglect, our facility management company handles the renovation or remodeling as the case may be bringing your commercial property back to life. Contact Us

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