Facility Management


We have a number of bespoke products that are suitably designed and uniquely executed to meet your needs, putting into consideration the various complexities of each property – ranging from architectural design to environment or terrain.

Our high standard of craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures we deliver outstanding results. The solutions we proffer are tailor-made for each facility yet brand definitive for respective clients (corporate or individual). This is exemplified by our extensive positioning of unique management styles apt for every facility, giving value to owners and users alike. Through our deployment of excellent & quality service, speed and cost efficiency techniques, we deliver long-term benefits.


JCFM On-Call is a bespoke service of James Cubitt Facility Managers (JCFM). It is a bouquet facility management package created to close the identified gap of unprofessional facility management services provided to premium residences.

JCFM On-Call is designed to provide professional building and asset maintenance services without interrupting your family time. The service is crafted on the premise of providing professional facility management services for your private residencies, centred on a service level agreement that delivers a complete package which caters to all FM needs whilst relieving you of the stress of managing different unprofessional vendors.

With JCFM On-Call, your home will function as it is designed: a place to rest and rejuvenate.


JCFM Fullserve® is a comprehensive facility management service that encompasses the complete spectrum of facility management.

This service is suitable for both medium-sized commercial buildings as well as multi-level corporate structures. It is designed to answer to the entire facility management and asset maintenance needs of corporate clients, such that the companies so served can attend totally to their core business.


  • Dedicated facility management service
  • Dedicated facility personnel
  • Basic inspection of property and assets
  • On-demand MEP integrity test
  • Routine facility inspection
  • Annual facility management report
  • Dedicated FM mobile helpline with a complimentary mobile phone

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JCFM MultiServe is the professional facility management service specifically designed for multi-branched commercial facilities. It involves the implementation of the excellently designed and industry leading facility management practices and procedures utilized by James Cubitt Facility Managers in managing multi-site commercial facilities. The product provides central oversight of facility management operations using our bespoke cluster management system.

This ensures that the same standard of excellence is attained and maintained at every location where the facility management service is deployed. It engenders uniformity of service, continuity of service, and franchise signature recognition.

JCFM MultiServe provides the same distinguished facility management service on a multiple scale, tailored to the requirements of the corporate customer.


    • Dedicated facility management service per location of deployment
    • Dedicated facility personnel per location of deployment
    • Basic inspection of property and assets at all locations
    • On-demand MEP integrity test at all locations
    • Routine facility inspection per location of deployment
    • Annual facility management report covering all locations
    • Dedicated FM mobile helpline with a complimentary mobile phone

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