Top 5 Benefits of Facilities Management

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When you look at corporate organizations that have good facilities management in place, you will find out that they enjoy a workplace with seamless operations and maximum efficiency.

Why? This is because they have allowed facilities management to take care of the little things that matter which may not be obvious to everyone but are integral parts of ensuring that a business runs smoothly.

Facilities management plays a huge role in ensuring business productivity. When channelled right as part of the modus operandi of your business, the benefits can easily be seen throughout your business – from the report pages of your balance sheet to the company culture apparent in your organization.

Benefits of Facilities Management

Here are (5) five areas you can benefit from the oversight of facility management to ensure an effective business:

  1. Asset management and tracking
  2. Space Optimization
  3. Record-keeping system
  4. Cost Analysis
  5. Integration


  1. Asset management and tracking

You need facilities management oversight in other assets other than your building. This is where facilities asset management comes in. Facility managers can help you create a framework that would allow you to manage and maintain your high-value assets effectively.

Whether they are facility-related assets like HVAC, lighting, and breakroom appliances, or they are personal-related assets like vehicles, uniforms, or mobile devices. Or even, IT-related assets such as copiers, data infrastructure and software licences.

Facility managers can help develop a workable process that covers procurement, operation, maintenance, renewal and retirement of assets. This life cycle planning allows you to anticipate costs, plan for maintenance and upgrades, and minimize the total cost of ownership at the asset level.

The supervision of facilities managers in asset tracking makes the budgeting and procurement process easier. Repairs, maintenance, supplies, and other expenses can be coded to a specific category, providing a system where you can have instant insight no matter what’s being measured.

2. Space Optimization

Another aspect you need facilities management oversight on is the optimization of your space. Facility managers can help you determine if your facility is utilized properly, and how best to make use of it.

First, they can help you identify why a space in your facility is not being used and also suggest what it can be used for. This is in a bid to help you reclaim your cost per square foot and increase your revenue as a business.

But this is not the only aspect of space optimization facility managers can help you with. With facilities management oversight, you would be able to decide if adopting a new floor design would do the trick for effective use of space or probably a flexible desking solution is an answer.

With this information, you will be able to create your competitive advantage without raising your cost overhead.

3. Record-keeping system

Records are essential for businesses. They are documents that contain enough data about costs and trends, and they represent how facilities change over time. These data points are crucial to moving your business forward. Hence, you need a system that would help you understand them.

With facilities management oversight, you can have these data at your fingertips to help you make informed decisions. From asset costs and lifecycles to utility costs, space occupancy growth over time, employee locations or assigned workstations and costs of building maintenance and major improvements.

With this amount of information, you would be aware and conversant with the ebb and flow of your company and its employees’ requirements.

4. Cost Analysis

Cost analysis is at the core of the benefits that facilities management oversight brings since everything in your business is controlled by cost. It is crucial to know how much it really costs to run your business. When you are aware of the cost overhead of your business, you will be able to draft an effective business plan so you can budget right.

Facilities management analysis can also help inform you on areas where you have cost-saving opportunities that you can take advantage of to scale your business.

  1. Integration

You can use the data points from facilities management analysis to discover how you create a more intelligent work environment.

Using automated technologies to make work easy. It is one of the benefits you stand to gain when you have a complete cradle-to-grave facilities management oversight.


A more productive workplace

Proactive facilities management equals an effective and productive workplace. When you have facilities management oversight, not just on your building but other crucial components of your business, you begin to level up every aspect of your business on a granular scale.

Want to get started creating a productive work environment?

See what commercial real estate facility management entails and the main tasks of facility management.



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