Commercial Real Estate Facility Management Services Explained

commercial real estate facility management services

You must have heard about facility management, and how relevant it has become today. Chances are you would have also seen how it has helped property owners and occupiers to improve their facilities, and therefore, you are looking to do the same.

So, where do you start?

To get the appropriate FM services to optimize your property, you need to be able to tell the difference between residential real estate facility management services and commercial real estate facility management services. This is where it all begins!

As the names suggest, residential real estate facility management services are FM services for residential properties, while commercial real estate facility management services are for corporate facilities. This division is necessary because managing a corporate development is unlike what is expected in a residential property.

For example, James Cubitt Facility Managers (JCFM) has various facility management packages designed to cater to residential and commercial properties separately. JCFM PropAlive and JCFM ONCALL for residential properties and JCFM FULL SERVE and MULTISERVE for corporate facilities to access commercial real estate facility management services.

Facility management is essential to both residential and commercial properties. In this article, our focus is on commercial real estate facility management services and all it entails.

What are Commercial Real Estate Facility Management Services?

Commercial Real Estate Facility Management Services are facility management services needed to keep corporate facilities operational. They can also be called commercial facility management or facility management for commercial properties. Every organization needs a clean and conducive environment to conduct its business. A facility in good condition fosters productivity and also improves workers’ morale.

Just by adopting commercial real estate facility management services, many corporate organizations now enjoy a comfortable work environment. Not only that, but they also benefit from an improvement in maintenance processes at a lower cost.

What is the Purpose of Commercial Real Estate Facility Management Services?

The primary purpose of commercial real estate facility management services is to drive the increase in your business output and ensure the overall success of your organization. Running an organization sure comes with a lot of responsibilities, and it can be overwhelming to handle everything without the help of a facilities manager

A good facilities manager is an asset to your company. Facility managers can help you improve your company’s culture, promote employee engagement and reduce your operating cost. The services of a facility manager have a significant impact on your company’s profitability. Ensuring there are no oversights, facility managers stand in between you and a bad day’s work experience.

To benefit from the strategic approach of a facilities manager, first, you need a facility management plan that captures how your business goals would be met from the facility management perspective.

Do you need your facility to reflect the reputation you have in the competitive market? A facility management plan will outline the best way to make it happen. Do you want to enhance comfort in your facility? Your facility management plan can address this also.

For better understanding, let’s define a facility management plan.

What is a Facility Management Plan?

A facility management plan is a document that contains the assets in the facility and outlines the stages of maintenance for each. A facility management plan helps property owners and facilities managers manage and control the risks associated with corporate real estate assets.

What Can Facility Management Plan Help You Achieve?

  • A facility management plan will help you structure an appropriate routine maintenance schedule.
  • It will help you ensure system compliance to align with the original design/engineering intent.
  • It will help you prioritize repairs
  • It will help ensure you have a smooth and proper operation in your organization
  • A facility management plan will help you create a proactive loss prevention measure.

How to Develop a Facility Management Plan?

It’s best to allow a facilities manager to create your facility management plan. As professionals in this field, facilities managers are conversant with the processes and procedures required to meet your needs and provide long time benefits.

Interestingly, it only takes three (3) basic steps to create a workable plan for you. Facility managers follow these three (3) steps to come up with the document:

  1. They get a deeper understanding of your organization’s needs.
  2. They define the processes and procedures needed to meet those needs.
  3. They develop long-term initiatives that would help improve productivity and extend the lifespan of your facilities’ assets.

This shows that your facility management plan is inspired by your objectives as an organization.


James Cubitt Facility Managers provides the best commercial real estate facility management services for all types of corporate buildings. We can offer you bespoke facility management solutions either on a short or long–term basis. Our trained personnel are skilled experts that can help you ensure a smooth operation in your facility while you focus on your core business.

We have two comprehensive facility management packages that help us deliver outstanding results to our clients: FULL SERVE and MULTISERVE.

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