What Are the Main Tasks of Facility Management?

facility management

One of the first things that come to mind when we think about the function of facility management is janitorial services and property maintenance. This is because it is what most people recognize that helps makes a building environment conducive.

For residential buildings, this may be just about it. But, in commercial facilities, facility management goes beyond the preliminary duties of general environmental upkeep. There are other activities that facility managers do to keep an organization up and running.

Facility management has now become one of the tools to help companies create their competitive advantage. Why? Because the goal is no longer to have just a welcoming environment that is safe and accommodating for employees, but it is to create an environment that fosters business productivity.

Therefore, we can say that the different tasks/ functions of facility management are derived from this goal: to create an environment that fosters business productivity. In creating such an environment, facility managers work to integrate people, with the facility (place), workable process and the appropriate technology to ensure a seamless operation in an organization.


There is a wide range of tasks facility managers are responsible for.


The improvement and maintenance of a facility fall under the duties of a facility manager. This is the most obvious function of facility management.

From the maintenance of the physical building to regular cleaning, the decoration of the workplace, space arrangement and asset/ equipment maintenance, facility managers work to create the best possible environment for everyone – staff, occupiers, customers and visitors

Facility managers provide repair services where necessary, and cyclical/ preventative maintenance to ensure the equipment used would function properly and work longer. With various facility management services, facility managers help create a productive and efficient environment for maximum business growth


Supporting the people within the organization is one core function of facility management. In this role, facility managers are required to act as a bridge between the employees and the workplace.

They provide support in the movement and utilization of space, desk arrangements, workload management, developing emergency plans and procedures, and also stress, grievance and disciplinary procedures.

As part of their role as people managers, they ensure the environment is safe and comfortable and that everything is in the right place. Facility managers help organizations keep to the various rules governing health and safety in the workplace, ensuring compliance with these regulatory standards.


Simplifying the existing processes to allow for a smooth operation in the organization is one of the functions of facility management. This is one-way facility management help companies minimize costs.

As businesses evolve, it is prudent to take a look at the processes to see if they would help achieve the next goal in mind. After detailed analysis, facility managers can suggest that a process be discarded, simplify or replaced to ensure efficiency in the organization.

Some processes facility managers may work on are administrative duties like employee sign-in/sign out of work, Work order requests, reservation of office spaces, the planning for emergency procedures, managing guests and visitors, directory management, task management, meeting reservations, portering management, stock control, mailroom practices and so on.


Since facility managers often have several operations to keep track of simultaneously, the use of technology to simplify their tasks is a welcomed development.

The introduction of more devices and software application that supports the task of facility managers has made it much easier to access the numerous services facility managers provide, making life more comfortable for the employees and in turn, enhancing the workplace.


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