What is Facility Management?

facility management

Do you desire to know what facility management is in the simplest terms, how it works and what role it plays for you to increase the efficiency of your built environment, whether residential or commercial?

Then, this is a must-read for you.

If you have ever thought of what use is facility management, thinking isn’t it just another expense to increase operational costs? You are in to discover how essential it is and the benefits it brings. Anyone looking to create a smooth operational facility, whether residential or commercial, only needs one primary thing – Effective Facility management.

So are you a property owner? Do you wish to increase the efficiency of your built environment? Here is what you should know about facility management.

Facility management is a support system that every property owner needs. This is the summary of any definition you can find. They are those tools and services that support the functionality, safety, and sustainability of buildings, grounds, infrastructure, and real estate.

According to the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA), facilities management is an interdisciplinary practice that “considers the coordination of people, place, process, and technology”.

What this means is that facility management maintains and creates a balance between these entities – people, place, process, and technology to ensure maximum comfort. It is crucial to have a conducive environment, and it is most definitely necessary for residential properties and commercial facilities alike.

However, the overarching question is this: how does facility management work to create the convenience you desire? The simple answer is strategy and operations. This means that facility management only works effectively if you have a strategy in place, and a list of operations to achieve it.

To explain, let’s say you require some kind of facility management services to take care of your building structure and the systems installed in it. This is what you do to ensure effective facility management.

First, you need a strategy, a comprehensive plan of action that defines how you expect to go about achieving your goal. After which, you need to identify a list of operations you should carry out to make it a reality.

Whether you need hard facility management services or soft facility management services, you can’t go wrong if you have a strategy and a list of essential operations to make your facility work.

The Types of Facility Management Services

There are several FM services that can help you make your property a desirable place to live, work and visit. These FM services can either be outsourced in parts to specified vendors or outsourced to a full-service facility management company. Also, an in-house facility management team employed by you can provide these services.


First on the list is cleaning. This encompasses the janitorial and groundskeeping services that make a facility environment neat and visually pleasing. But cleaning in this sense is not restricted to general sanitation. Proper waste management and a good and functional plumbing system can also help create a clean and healthy environment.

Hardware Inspection and Upkeep

Hardware inspection and Upkeep are the  FM services you need to ensure a smooth operation in your facility. This is necessary to ensure the longevity of your equipment. With routine checks and timely repairs, you’ll be able to maximize the lifespan of your equipment and ensure that your systems in your facility are up to par- working at an expected or usual quality.

EHS FM Services (Environment, Health, and Safety)

The bouquet of facility management services here would help you create an environmentally friendly and sustainable environment. With these facility management services, you will be able to show social responsibility as a property owner. You will also be able to help your facility comply with all local and federal regulations.

By implementing these FM services to promote your facility’s environmental health and safety, you avoid issues such as lawsuits, insurance claims, public scandals, or complete closure because of violations.

Migration and Space Management

Migration and space management falls under the task of facility management. Facility management often takes care of the move management during relocation, lease management during migration and space management for expansion or otherwise.

Facility managers are quite capable of helping you plan your move successfully and make space changes where necessary to optimize the use of your facility.


Another aspect facility management handles is transportation. For commercial facilities, facility managers offer feasible transportation solutions that allow the seamless move of staff, also the transfer of equipment to various locations for use.

Security Service

Facility managers are also tasked with installing and maintaining several security infrastructures. One of the services facility management provides is manned security for protection. Providing homes and corporate facilities with manned security helps curb intrusion and ensure safety.

Operational FM

This facility management is most necessary for commercial facilities. It helps promote productivity and effective management in an organization.

Operational FM takes care of administrative duties, concierge services and everything in between to guarantee a smooth daily operation and timely delivery in your organization.



James Cubitt Facility Managers (JCFM) is a full-service facility management company with a range of bespoke quality facility management services that will address your facility issues.

Our FM products – ONCALL, FULL SERVE, MULTISERVE, and Concierge services are suitably designed to effectively tackle residential and commercial FM issues respectively. Whether you require hard or soft FM services to ensure a functional built environment, James Cubitt Facility Managers guarantees the efficient management of your property.

Over the years, we have developed relationships across the industry, positioning us as trusted and leading facilities managers. We aim to collaborate with our clients – owners and occupiers – to ensure that our portfolio of properties is the best rated in terms of maintenance costs and that they will always be attractive leases with a high renewal rate.


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