Facility Management

We have several bespoke products that are suitably designed and uniquely executed to meet your needs, putting into consideration the various complexities of each property – ranging from architectural design to environment or terrain.

Our high standard of craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures we deliver outstanding results. The solutions we proffer are tailor-made for each facility yet brand definitive for respective clients (corporate or individual). This is exemplified by our extensive positioning of unique management styles apt for every facility, giving value to owners and users alike. Through our deployment of excellent & quality service, speed and cost efficiency techniques, we deliver long-term benefits.


Specifically designed for multi-branched commercial facilities, MultiServe® involves the implementation of excellently designed and industry-leading facility management practices and procedures, utilised by James Cubitt Facility Managers in managing multi-site commercial facilities. The product provides central oversight of facility management operations using our bespoke cluster management system.

This service ensures that the same standard of excellence is attained and maintained at every location where the facility management service is deployed. It allows for uniformity and continuity of service, as well as franchise signature recognition.

What you get

  • Free property and asset inventory audit
  • Free helpline for fault reporting
  • Planned preventive maintenance
  • Minimal downtime
  • Efficient operation of all corporate building facilities and services
  • Long term savings on building maintenance cost
  • Improved and elongated life-cycle of facilities
  • Bespoke facility management structure
  • Public utilities and municipal bills management
  • Standardisation
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Professionalism
  • Single reporting line

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Value Proposition

To collaborate with our clients – owners and occupiers - to ensure that our portfolio of properties is the best rated in terms of maintenance costs and ensure that the property will always be an attractive lease with a high renewal rate.


Core Values

• Transparency
• People
• Exceptional Service Deliver
• Value-for-Money


Quality of Personel

Our experience in total Facility Management services is strengthened by our integrated team of professionals in the James Cubitt Group, closing the gaps that exist in the different stages of a building’s lifecycle. This has set us apart and made us the preferred choice for facility management

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