Property Refurbishment

This facility management service is a product of James Cubitt Facility Managers, designed to specifically restore and /or complete abandoned and derelict properties as a result of project suspension or neglect.

It is ideal for property owners whose facilities have been uninhabited for a minimum of 2 years, yet desire to have a return on their real estate investments. We provide bespoke solutions to ensure that your property comes to life and, becomes the income-generating asset it ought to be.


PropAlive is a facility management service designed by James Cubitt Facility Managers to specifically restore and / or revive void and dilapidating structures as a result of unintentional neglect. This is the ideal product for property owners who have facilities that have been empty for 2 years or more.

This product offers bespoke solutions for adaptive reuse of existing building, renewal of the building’s façade or parts of the interior, refurbishment of building envelope, improving performance and comfort of buildings in line with sustainability requirements to give your building a second life and becomes the income generating asset it deserves to be.

What You Get

  • Comprehensive MEP proposal for property restoration
  • Consultancy service on briefing and selection of Professionals for restoration works
  • Integrated and efficient design process
  • Dedicated facility management personnel during construction and as soon as property comes alive

On successful restoration of the property, the following services will become administrable to harness its income generating potential:

  • Asset leasing and/or letting
  • Asset liquidation and disposal
  • Purchase and lease advisory.

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Value Proposition

To collaborate with our clients – owners and occupiers - to ensure that our portfolio of properties is the best rated in terms of maintenance costs and ensure that the property will always be an attractive lease with a high renewal rate.


Core Values

• Transparency
• People
• Exceptional Service Deliver
• Value-for-Money


Quality of Personel

Our experience in total Facility Management services is strengthened by our integrated team of professionals in the James Cubitt Group, closing the gaps that exist in the different stages of a building’s lifecycle. This has set us apart and made us the preferred choice for facility management

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