facility management

facility manager

Who is a Facility Manager?

When we hear or read about facility management and the several benefits facility management brings to our built environments, we do not consciously identify that there are people "behind the scenes" – facility managers – who make it happen. But oftentimes, when we are consciously aware, we confuse them with other similar professionals. Do you know who a facility manager is? Can you tell a facility...

facility management

What Are the Main Tasks of Facility Management?

One of the first things that come to mind when we think about the function of facility management is janitorial services and property maintenance. This is because it is what most people recognize that helps makes a building environment conducive. For residential buildings, this may be just about it. But, in commercial facilities, facility management goes beyond the preliminary duties of general...

facility management

What is Facility Management?

Do you desire to know what facility management is in the simplest terms, how it works and what role it plays for you to increase the efficiency of your built environment, whether residential or commercial? Then, this is a must-read for you. If you have ever thought of what use is facility management, thinking isn’t it just another expense to increase operational costs? You are in to discover how...

James Cubitt Facility Managers

JCFM Workshop: Our Facility Managers Helping You Navigate the Challenges with Your Electrical System

As a residential or commercial property owner, you are aware that electricity is critical to the efficient operation of your home or office. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the consistency of the electricity supply in your facility. For this reason, James Cubitt Facility Managers(JCFM) saw the need to train its staff through a workshop on electrical handling. It was a seminar meant to provide the...

James Cubitt Facility Managers

2021 Banana Island Festival of Cultures: JCFM Promotes Its On-Call Facility Management Services

The Banana Island Festival of Cultures, held on Saturday, October 2nd 2021, was a colourful event with an opportunity for brands to display and create awareness for their products and services. It was a packed event with over 500 residents and guests in attendance. The Banana Island Festival of Cultures featured carnival parades, tribal food tasting, games, exhibitions, market squares, different...

facility management companies in nigeria

10 Top Facility Management Companies in Nigeria with Outstanding FM Services

With so many facility management companies in Nigeria to choose from, it is little wonder you find it a struggle to pick one with the capability and proven track record to deliver. In no particular order, here is a list of the top facility management companies in Nigeria that gives customers a high level of confidence and remarkable benefits through the outstanding facility management services they...

Property management

Property Management: Why You Need It and How to Choose the Right Company for it

Usually, when you hear the terms Property management and Facility management, a question comes to mind, What’s the difference? This is what you seek to know. Facility management ensures a safe and welcoming environment for the people occupying your property, while property management ensures your property retains its value and generates income. When you hire a property manager, he takes care of...


Renovation vs Remodeling: 3 Convincing Ways To Determine Which Your Property Needs

Renovation and remodeling are home improvement options necessary to restore your property to its full functioning capacity. To determine the best course for your home, you need to first understand the difference between the two. Understanding Renovation And Remodeling Renovation is updating your property to better its aesthetics and ensure it is well-equipped to fulfil your need for a more comfortable...

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